Track Or Die NYC x Hold Fast

2013 has been an amazing year for Track Or Die NYC. With T.O.D awesome events such as the always successful 2LapJam, 4/20 race & bake relay, spring formal “drag race”, the summer alley cat and the upcoming 2013 winter alley cat. It’s without a doubt that we are in fact “out here!”.

In a short time span, we have established a very large following. Whether you are a die hard cyclist or someone who lives vicariously through social media, you won’t find a NYC cycling event where T.O.D isn’t in attendance and repping hard. We are not fixie kids (to be honest I despise the term “fixie”) or an elite team of cyclist. We are a group of individuals who have come together from the love of cycling and share the same passion for the fixed gear culture. Oh and beer.

With that being said, my goal going into 2014 is expanding Track Or Die NYC by collaborating with cycling companies and crews to better reach the masses. Over the past few month I have been throwing hints around about an upcoming collaboration with a mystery company. Well I’m proud to present this super limited edition Hold Fast Straps X Track Or Die NYC collaboration. Designed after the T.O.D team jersey, these foot straps provide the quality that Hold Fast is known for. With 2 designs to choose from, the only real question should be the choice “No brakes/No Problem” or “Track Or Die NYC”. Super limited means just that. Exactly 20 Track Or Die NYC X Hold Fast straps to be exact.
$65.00 (free shipping world wide)


No Brakes/ No Problem


Track Or Die NYC

Straps can be order at

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