Track Or Die NYC Day At the Kissena Velodrome

I honestly woke up with no plans on riding today. The weather report from my iPhone said it would thunderstorm all day so I planned on staying in bed and catching up on some much needed rest. Once I noticed the sun wasn’t going away I hit up the Track Or Die NYC Facebook Group and posted about a sunday ride. I have been dying to hit up the Kissena Velodrome out in Flushing Queens. I posted for everyone to meet up at columbus circle at 1:00pm assuming most wouldn’t show up until at least 2:00. I showered, ate some breakfast and proceded to 110th to meet up with Nate to mash through Central Park to meet up with the crew. Waiting at Columbus Circle was Felipe, Warren, Joshua & new comer to the crew Ronald with his 2009 Fuji Track Pro. We waited for Erin to finish her soft ball game to head out and ride. Angel, Stanley & Rick were late as usual so we just mashed down to Union Sq to start the day. 

After Stanley, Rick 7 Angel finally arrived we now had to wait for Oscar to meet us at Union sq which required more waiting time. Oscar finally showed up around 3:20 with a flat Aerospoke and needed to hit up the Bike shop to buy an inner tube. We all rode over to Spokesman Bike shop and waited for Oscars rim to be serviced. By the time this was done it was now 4:00pm and Nurse Mike just got off his shift so we added one more rider to the group. We made our way down 3rd ave to 59th st to cross over into queens. In my Opinion that is one of the more mellow bridges in the city.


We didn’t know the route so Ronald became the tour guide through Queens. We made our way down Northern Blvd and stopped by Ikea to regroup before we went any further.

We pulled over to the nearby 711 to get some beverages for the track. We seemed to take over the entrance of the 711 with our bikes which seems to be something that happens often when we ride. 

We proceeded to the bike path which would bring us over to Kissena. When you have a crew that rides this deep, every ride is like critical mass and we take over the streets. Cars seem to have a strong disliking for us…..We don’t care. 

Along the ride Oscar caught yet another flat on the same rim he just had serviced.

I think Angel enjoyed pumping the tire a little too much.

I just like to show my bike..Flo 2.0

We passed through flushing meadowns and stopped to take a group shot for the day.

From Flushing Meadows Kissena was only a few minutes away.I was too hyped to get there and mash the velodrome.

We got to the park and the races instantly got called out. Mike Got Smoked by Stanley in the 1st round, Erin disappeared on Rick with was pretty embarrassing but she is fkin FAST BRO! Then the group ride happened. Angel won with Erin in 2nd and I believe Oscar was 3rd but who ever remembers 3rd place anyway?

After numerous races I have to say the race of the day was the semi rematch of Stanley on his Jamis Sonik vs Mike on his Bianchi Pista. Double or nothing with a nose to nose finish Mike won with Bragging rights until the next race. I races Oscar which was a battle of the Seafoam green bikes and i kind of won by a lot. (Sorry Oski)

$10 will get you $20 on a double or nothing race. 

We did one last group race which was timed and I won with a lap time of with 32.9 taking 2nd. Erin didnt enter the race but wanted to do a solo time lap to see if she could top 32.9 but fell short with 33.5. Next time we go back Erin & I need to go Head to Head. Overall the day was awesome and exactly what I would expect from our Sunday Rides. It was cool to ride with some one new and as far as i’m concerned Ronald can ride with us whenever. Check out the rest of the Photos from the day. Until the Next event….Track Or Die NYC

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